ACS TR-069: The IoT Forefront

Media Connect devices

The TR-069 CPE WAN Management Protocol is a technical specification set by the Broadband Forum for communications between CPEs, such as routers, VoIP phones and IPTV boxes and a remote Auto Configuration Server (ACS). It’s usage has expanded from a traditional telecommunications protocol into a popular deployment choice for businesses wanting to take advantage of IoT technology.

TR-069 works with any device that has a TR-069 client; this includes DSL devices, FTTx (e.g. FTTH/Fibre To The Home devices), WiMAX (4G) and LTE (Femtocell). TR-069 allows users to log in to a web interface and remotely change settings, monitor parameters, fix problems and update software on the devices in their estate with minimal disruption to the customer’s service.

Back Office Integration is Part of Beamfly’s Platform

One of the key benefits of Beamfly’s TR-069 platform is that it makes SOAP XML calls to other back-end systems (including customer management systems, operational/activation control systems and billing systems), both pulling and sending data. This integration with a backend system enables the ACS to call systems which are higher in the network hierarchy. As well as making SOAP XML calls to an API, we also provide the ability for a backend system to call a device through the Auto Configuration Server through a Northbound Interface (NBI).

Highly Scalable Solution

Beamfly is a highly scalable solution, so as the number of devices being managed increases, so businesses can scale up their ACS platform. Beamfly enables businesses to control and manage a very small number of devices through to many millions.


► Multi-server deployment

► Load balanced solution

► Failover, fault-tolerance

► High availability

► Zero-touch provisioning and management

► Advanced user management and access level configuration

► Real-time device diagnostics to rapidly re- solve customer queries

► Firmware management to enable your customers to access the services they want, when they want them