In Case Your IoT Product Failed

IoT Product - Google Glass

With tons of new product ideas promoted on Kickstarter and similar platforms, outcomes delivered by R&D departments of giant tech corporations, and other sources of innovations, we have plenty of stories about success and...

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IoT Products: The Next Generation Of Consumers?

IoT Products

Many companies have finally found a way to make their products more valuable with added connectivity. Connected products respond to the actual needs of their owners, increase the comfort of home, car or public places and deliver...

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IoT: The Need For Clear Data Strategy

Data Strategy - pexels-photo-159888

Equipping the machinery and its spare parts with IoT sensors increase the visibility and predictability of enterprise assets. The variety of sensors covers most significant aspects of equipment operation. To date, you can utilize...

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IoT In Marketing: Fresh Ideas And Perspectives

IoT in marketing

The Internet of Things offers entirely new ways for interactions between brands and consumers. The world becomes more interconnected than ever before. Сompanies should take advantage of evolving possibilities to improve their...

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IoT In mHealth: Current Trends


Modern consumers are well aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. They are willing to monitor their health and invest in it. The market of wearables and various mobile applications perfectly resonates with this global...

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Wi-Fi HaLow, BlueTooth 5 and the IoT at home

bluetooth 5

The implementation of Smart Home concept presents extraordinary challenges for hardware and mobile technologies. The system of home automation that simply works normally should incorporate a broad range of performing devices...

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IoT In Transport Logistics

IoT as a source of innovations in Transport Logistics

Some analysts believe that IoT is still at square one and its standards are too fragmented. Of course, the Internet of Things will continue to emerge, and this will allow the improvements not only at the level of an individual...

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