Connecting RoI to IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon of making every device “smart” is generating vast amounts of data. But what is most important is that the data trigger beneficial action to save money and/or increase revenue.

At Beamfly, we take the concept of connectivity and marry it to the goal of every organization: revenue. It’s not just about creating a network of things, it’s gathering, analyzing and acting on the data that these devices produce. Beamfly’s end-to-end solution maximizes your IoT investment by connecting, monitoring and managing devices and data to increase efficiencies and drive profit.

We offer end-to-end turnkey solutions that connect to anything, anywhere. We make that possible through a protocol-agnostic smart management platform that includes activation, billing, service management, alarms and analysis. From OMA LWM2M to TR-069 to any bespoke protocol, we offer a smarter solution that will give you the freedom to connect, manage and monetize all devices through a single management platform.




Critical Connectivity

There can be an unlimited number and variety of ‘things’ in IoT. The six major components that build the concept and define it:

  • Convergence – Convergence is providing a single point of control and the merging of technologies, sensing, systems, and environment.
  • Computing – The ability to sense and capture accurate data and processing it into usable input.
  • Content – Any data or information collected or transmitted via the IoT infrastructure.
  • Collection – Acquiring data and content through various entities and different devices.
  • Communication – The act of sensors communicating with devices, then transmitting the data and communicating with the end-user and / or manufacturer.
  • Connectivity – It is important to ensure that each entity is connected to another in a manner that it can communicate and drive its behavior.

In simpler words, it starts with anything, at any time, by anyone, for any service, and can take any path to anywhere.



Beamfly helps you define each of these attributes just the way you want to, and it really doesn’t matter whether you want to connect locally or globally, to smart devices or efficient machines – everything can be and will be a part of what we like to call “the future of things.”

What does that mean for you?

It means you will only require one unified solution without any geographical or technological limitation. The possibilities are endless, and Beamfly is all about uncovering all those possibilities for you.

So, if are you ready to explore the possibility and capture the opportunity, Beamfly is the gateway open for you.

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