Critical Connectivity

Designed to make Internet of Things smarter, Beamfly is not just a software platform; it’s a revolution. Beamfly has been developed to help users across diverse industries extract the true potential of sensor data by delivering strategic insights, real-time analytics and by enabling more functional and richer applications. From cradle to grave, Beamfly controls and monitors all devices, providing an end-to-end system with a single integration point delivered to the edge of the network.



Serving the industry for more than 20 years, we understand the emerging phenomenon that is the Internet of Things. And while others are just starting to learn, our proven experience has helped businesses tap new streams of revenues, and triggered product innovations. Our knowledge of the most common IoT protocols, TR-069 and OMA LWM2M, runs deep and wide. But Beamfly is protocol-agnostic. We have the ability to write to any standard, and as the Wild West of IoT technology enters the final shoot-out, Beamfly will be on the winning side. Beamfly’s mission is to make connected devices:




Visionary companies realize that to flourish in today’s and tomorrow’s competitive and hyperactive market, that the real value is not in merely connecting devices, but rather in the insights and intelligence that is gathered. Over-the-air monitoring, management and maintenance of hardware at the edge of the network is what makes Beamfly stand apart. Using this data to further business goals — from improved efficiency to productivity to customer satisfaction is the ultimate return on investment (ROI) and benefit of IoT technology.




Where IoT merely connects things, Beamfly transforms these connected devices into intelligent data sources. Beamfly empowers businesses beyond mere connectivity. It enables you to use real time analytics to extract and drive strategic, meaningful and more insightful data to make informed decisions without any delays. It is scalable, flexible and more importantly adaptive — helping you benefit from device and service management like never before.

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