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Telecommunications is at the heart of the IoT explosion and it is at the core of everything Beamfly does. Device management of communication – from set-top boxes to routers to residential gateways – is the foundation of Beamfly’s platform. Our parent company ETI Software Solutions has over 20 years of expertise in telecommunications device management – supporting over 12 million devices – and has applied this global success to the Wild, Wild West that is the Internet of Things landscape.

Today’s telecommunication providers are grappling with a myriad of devices within the home that operate off of the provider’s network but are not under their control. The days of the service provider owning the in-home equipment are over. This presents a wide variety of customer satisfaction issues: Connectivity. Support. Security. Billing. Monetization. And with the number of connected devices per user rising each year, the challenge to a service provider rises as well.

Beamfly provides an end-to-end solution that encompasses all of these challenges. From device activation to service provisioning and billing to monitoring, management and monitization of services, the Beamfly solution provides a scalable, comprehensive way to make sense of the IoT market disruption.