Is There A Value In Developing Custom IoT Solution For Non-IT Businesses?

Is There A Value In Developing Custom IoT Solution?

Internet of Things brings a lot of benefits to companies whose businesses depend largely on the optimal utilization of the equipment and other physical assets. IoT provides better asset handling, increased productivity and transparency of operations.

Some companies that made a decision in favor of IoT technologies implementation might ask the question: “should we build a custom IoT solution or is it better to opt for a ready-made solution?”

The short answer for the company that never utilized IoT solutions before is “choose an existing IoT platform”.

There are a lot of things that should be considered when developing custom IoT solution, and not all of them could be handled right off the bat. Successful IoT solution requires efficient network interactions, security, and confidentiality. In addition, considering the nature of devices with a permanent network connection, you need to pay attention to power consumption, performance, the use of RAM and firmware updates.

Leaving the obvious HR issues aside, the realistic expected time of custom IoT solution development is approximately 12 months, while current device management and analytics platform could be deployed in a month or even faster. They require affordable resources and offer solutions that allow connection of a large number of typical devices along with advanced systems for data analytics, storage, and exchange.

Security issues in developing custom IoT solution

IoT security is one of the hottest topics discussed by the general public in the past few years. IoT devices became a sweet spot for hackers. That’s why your platform must ensure an impervious security for all your sensitive data 24/7. Your developer team should have a strong expertise on the latest strategies and solutions for data protection.

Data Analysis

The endless stream of raw data would not give much to your business. You need to build a system that provides clear visualization of dynamics for important processes and sends timely alerts in case of aberrations. Good analytics helps to normalize the data that is meaningful for your business and turns it into actionable insights.

Unfortunately, the custom IoT solution does not mean that it will actually be the most efficient. Experience has shown that many attempts to create a “custom” platform, including those where Open Source software had been utilized, were unsuccessful and companies finally reverted to vendors’ solutions. Specialized IoT companies offer their clients a scale and consolidated experience, as well as a certain degree of flexibility, that brings the non-IT company to the world-class level of IT utilization.

How to choose the right IoT platform?

Here are some questions that will help you to structure the process of search and choose the most appropriate solution.

  • How does this platform differ from the other ones available on the market?
  • What types of data analytics are processed by this system and how is it represented?
  • How is the IoT data collected?
  • How is the data stored?
  • Does the IoT platform have a user-friendly interface?
  • What types of devices could be connected?
  • In what ways are the devices connected and monitored?
  • Is this platform compatible with your current internal infrastructure?

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