Provisioning & Billing

a woman with unpaid bills has many debts. unemployment and personal bankruptcy

The backbone of ETI Software is its provisioning and billing expertise. There is simply no other company in the IoT space that can match the width and breadth of ETI’s knowledge. For over 20 years, ETI’s automated provisioning and flow-through billing software has allowed telecommunication providers to operate turnkey control for a variety of technologies including TTH, DSL, HFC, voice switches, RF and IP video, DOCSIS and voice mail systems. Coupled with its easy-to-integrate-to business-level API, Overture OSS enables rapid integration with upper level billing and order entry / CRM systems.

This powerful functionality translated into the world of connected devices is what gave rise to Beamfly. The two-way communication from device to activation and billing is at the heart of the connected world.

Features include, but are not limited to:

  • End-to-end billing
  • Data order entry/rating engine with capability to bill by geofenced region
  • Integrated work-order management and scheduling
  • Account receivable and collection
  • Statement preparation
  • Recurring charges, franchise fee and credits calculations
  • Schedule management plus purchases collection
  • Event Driven billing and reporting
  • Tracking of equipment