Device Management


Once upon a time in the not-so-distant past, device management was limited to controlling a set-top box or perhaps provisioning a dial-up Internet connection. Today’s connected devices run the gamut from telecommunication equipment (routers, residential gateways, modems, etc.) to smart homes, health care devices, wearable electronics and yes, even connected diapers!

This explosion of connectivity demands management software that automates and provisions these devices from birth to end-of-life. But it also has to be secure, cost-effective and provide analytics and reporting tools that are integrated with the wide variety of CPE equipment available in the market today.

Enter Beamfly: giving providers a simple but powerful remote management solution that controls connected devices through their entire life cycle: activation, management and support to deactivation. The result is not only a reduction in costs but a better customer experience.

Integration with other Systems

Why keep device data and subscriber data separate? Beamfly integrates with back-office systems to ensure that you can streamline a vast array of customer-facing functions, from installation to maintenance to customer support issues. By combining this data in a user-friendly and configurable interface, you can easily shorten call times, reduce truck rolls and expedite services – leading to a better customer experience.

How do we do it?

Beamfly has the ability to make API calls to other provisioning systems both pulling and sending data. This integration with a backend system enables Beamfly to call systems which are higher in the network hierarchy. As well as making SOAP XML calls to an API, we also provide the ability for a backend system to call a device through the Auto Configuration Server through a Northbound Interface (NBI).


There are many competing standards within IoT for the management and monitoring of connected devices. One thing is certain though – IoT is such a broad concept, with millions of different types of device – there will never be a single protocol to manage them all.

The Beamfly advantage is clear. We are experienced in managing millions of different types of devices, regardless of the protocol used to talk to them, all in one place. So when you end up with a mix of devices, using different protocols, Beamfly will help you to manage them simply, and in one place.

So whether you want to use a common protocol, such as TR-069 or LWM2M, or you need something more bespoke for your specialist application, then you need to talk to us.