Data Visualization

Today, location and geography has much more to do with business than just real estate and driving directions.  Visualizing crucial business and asset data such as customer demographics, market trends and operational statistics while tracking stationary or mobile devices allows businesses to leverage spatial information leading to well-informed decisions.  Combining geo-analytics with business intelligence helps to quicken response times, and provide vision to enhance processes and efficiency.

Network Ops

Every physical, device or “thing” with network connectivity gathers data in a context related to location.  That spatial element is the crucial piece of the IoT universe data and helps you better understand the HOW, WHAT and WHERE of every connected device, creating meaningful and actionable insight.  Beamfly provides a custom dashboard designed for your business that will reveal data and diagnostics more accurately and assist you in analyzing your business in trends and patterns…

How does Beamfly Analyze My Business?

Descriptive:  What happened in the past and how can I use this data to alert me when this pattern repeats itself?

Predictive: What might happen in the future and how can I use this data to plan more efficiently?

Prescriptive:  What I do now, and how can I use the data to build a smart, automated and responsive work flow?